Real Estate Services

Over 30 years of experience has allowed Larimer Associates to build a team with extensive experience in all areas of real estate. Specialties include design, development, acquisition, financing and disposition, marketing, management, and leasing.

Property Management and Accounting

Over three decades of experience in management of every type of real estate has led Larimer Associates to develop sophisticated and efficient property management and accounting tools and procedures. We only use the most current technology and software available in the market place.

Wade Doidge oversees the real estate assets for both our commercial and residential portfolio. He expertly handles the acquisitions and dispositions as well as overseeing the portfolio’s asset management.

Commercial Property Management is led by Carolyn Waldmann. Carolyn and her team provide comprehensive management, including leasing, budgeting, capital projects, maintenance, loss prevention, and tenant relations.

Dianne Volante oversees our Multifamily Property Management. Dianne leads the staffing of all residential managers and leasing agents as well as budgeting, capital projects, and operations.

Accounting is headed by our CFO, Matt Petcoff. In addition to producing financial statements and handling all accounts receivable and payable, Matt’s department handles all human resources, coordinates budgeting, performs financial analysis and is responsible for cash flow management.

Matt Petcoff has served as Larimer Associates’ CFO for over a decade. Matt and his team produce financial statements, handle all accounts receivable and payable, as well as human resources, budgeting, financial analysis, and cash flow management.


Carolyn Waldmann leads our Commercial property leasing team. For multi-family leasing, please see our Multi-family residential page for our most up-to-date contact info.


Marketing and events are directed by Radhika Mahanty.  The marketing team works to continually promote and advertise Larimer Associates properties and projects. In addition, the marketing department is responsible for Larimer Associates events, such as the popular Denver Chalk Art Festival which brings over 200,000 people to Larimer Square each June and promotes arts awareness and education in Denver schools. The marketing department also works with restaurants and retailers on many dining & fashion events and promotions throughout the year.

Radhika Mahanty leads and directs all Larimer Associates marketing and events. Radhika has been with Larimer Associates for 10 years and promotes and advertises all of our properties and projects. Her team also plans, executes and markets all of our events including the popular Denver Chalk Art Festival, attracting to 200,000 people to Larimer Square every June and promotes arts awareness and education in Denver schools. Radhika and her team also work with our restaurant and retail tenants to produce dining and fashion events throughout the year.

Design & Architecture

With a licensed architect and noted interior designer (and project manager) Tricia Mueller Calandra on our team, Larimer Associates is able to provide these skills and services to our projects with speed, efficiency and cost savings, making our project capability truly comprehensive. More on Design/Architecture »

Larimer Associates has a unique advantage with a licensed architect, noted interior designer, and project manager on staff, in Tricia Mueller Calandra. Larimer Associates is able to bring these skills to our projects with speed, efficiency, and cost savings, making our project capability truly comprehensive.

Project Management

With over 30 years of experience and an accomplished team, Larimer Associates has the proven processes and skills to manage complex construction, restoration, and historic preservation projects to achieve significant savings in both time and money.